Interested in joining the GlenOak family?

Our admissions process aims to best ensure the right fit for families, students, and our school. As such, we employ a three-step process to admissions.


Contact our school and book a tour with either our principal, Susan Goode, or one of our teachers! It’s important that you understand our school philosophy and our approach to teaching and learning. This visit will entail a thorough tour of our school and discussion of school programming, as well as a conversation with the principal regarding your child.


Assuming you see a good fit for your child at GlenOak (and we know you likely will!), then the next step is to book a school visit for your child. Depending on your child’s age and learning needs, we may recommend one full day visit, or two half day visits. All visits are independent, and will provide us with an opportunity to engage with your child and further assess their suitability for GlenOak programming.

NB. At times, it may be necessary to have a gradual transition where parents are present for an initial visit. In such instances, we will request your child attend a subsequent one day visit (or two half day visits) independently.


Submission of supporting documentation is important to understanding your child and any specific learning needs, if applicable. As such, we will require copies of your child’s report cards, IEP (if applicable), and copies of any assessments by relevant health care providers (if applicable). In this way, we are best able to ensure your child is set up for success at GlenOak, and we are in a position to proactively support their educational and socio-emotional needs.

Upon admission to GlenOak, a registration package will be sent to you for completion.

Tuition fees for our four program streams differ based on the model of support and context.