Meet the GlenOak Team!

A passionate group of educators and support staff, our team is here to support students and families from start to finish. Our teachers are all members in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers, and all have experience in teaching students of all ability levels, including those with brain injuries and special learning needs. We're lifelong learners and work to inspire the love of learning in our student population.


Susan Goode

Founder & Principal

Susan is passionate about teaching and learning and she is passionate about GlenOak! Not only is she a certified teacher, and a member in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers, but she also holds specialist qualifications in Special Education, English as a Second Language, as well as her Principals’ Qualifications.

Susan’s first 11 years of teaching were spent within the public education system teaching in special education contained classrooms, as well as in regular classroom environments. Since 2008, she has been director of Goode Educational Services Inc., providing educational consultation and academic tutoring services to students with acquired brain injuries and those with other special learning needs. Susan’s extensive work in supporting the needs of students with acquired brain injuries has taken her into sixteen different school boards across the province of Ontario, and into countless private schools and postsecondary institutions both at the college and university levels. These experiences were instrumental in Susan’s decision to open GlenOak Academy as she vowed to fill a gap that she saw evident in the current education system, especially as it relates to serving students with brain injury and complex special learning needs.

In opening GlenOak, Susan continues her passion for teaching and learning, promoting her vision of a school where students of all abilities feel valued, and where all students can succeed.


Jeanette MacKay

Head Teacher

Jeanette joins the GlenOak team with an extensive background in working with students with acquired brain injuries and special learning needs. Her teaching career has included the public education system, providing private tutoring support, and most recently as an educational consultant.  Her commitment to student success, and differentiating instruction for all learners will serve her well in the capacity of head teacher. She is communicative, collaborative, and is committed to fostering an environment built on diversity, equity, and inclusivity.


Carla Ward

Teaching Assistant

New to the GlenOak team, Carla brings with her over ten years of experience in teaching and learning, and supporting students with special learning needs. She has extensive experience in working with students both individually and within the classroom context. Importantly, Carla has a background in behaviour management and supporting students with complex mental health profiles.

In moving to GlenOak Academy, Carla will continue to use her talents at supporting the learning of all students both in the classroom and beyond. Her positive attitude, collaborative spirit, and commitment to best practices in education will undoubtedly serve her well in this role.