GlenOak Academy is a school for students of all abilities from Kindergarten to Grade 8. We are conveniently situated in the Clarkson-Lorne Park area of Mississauga on Clarkson Road North, occupying space in the lower level of the Church of St. Bride. We are less than five minutes from the QEW and enjoy 5000 square feet of indoor learning space, as well as ample outdoor space on-site and in the community beyond. 

We offer an intimate school setting and a supportive learning environment where your child will benefit from our low student-teacher ratios and depending on program stream, the additional support of a teaching assistant. We focus on building meaningful relationships with our students, giving them the attention they deserve in order for them to see academic success.


GlenOak’s mission is to provide educational programming and learning opportunities that best help students to learn, to grow, and to explore the world around them, thereby meeting their personal potential.


GlenOak’s vision is to be a leader in teaching students of all ability levels, including brain injury and special learning needs. We offer an environment where all students feel valued and supported along the road to academic success. At GlenOak we celebrate ability, and explore possibility.

Core Values

Emotional Well-Being

As educators, we are committed to the emotional development of our students. Research shows that emotional intelligence is key to academic and social success. As such, our programming helps students to build perseverance, self-control, and skills in getting along with one another. After all, we want our students to leave GlenOak as confident and contributing members of society!


GlenOak is an inclusive school where we value the diverse backgrounds of all stakeholders and we emphasize the importance of creating a school culture where staff and students feel respected, valued, and supported. Our aim is to provide the right conditions for each student to achieve his or her full potential.

High Standards

At GlenOak our high standards and commitment to excellence can be seen in the staff we hire and in the programme we deliver. We have a team of highly experienced certified teachers who are members in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers. We take pride in the fact that our team has specific expertise in brain injury and special education. Our educational programming is diverse in that it provides multiple opportunities for students to learn in a variety of meaningful contexts.

Outside the Box Thinking

At GlenOak our goal is to serve the “whole child”. We do this by thinking outside the box when it comes to teaching and learning. We’re not limited by the four walls of the classroom and instead understand that learning can take place virtually anywhere! Because of this, you will see us learning not only in the classroom, but in the kitchen, outdoors, in the community, and beyond. The world is our oyster, and we understand that all students have the ability to learn.

Passion for Teaching and Learning

The GlenOak team is passionate about teaching and learning. This passion is evident in everything we do; from thoughtful planning, to engaging school activities, to teachers who are engaged in ongoing professional development. Our love of learning inspires our students to do more and to be more!

Positive Partnerships

GlenOak is committed to creating and maintaining positive partnerships between school and home, and also within the wider community. We partner with families to best support the learning needs of their children, and our open door policy encourages ongoing communication and collaboration.